Mike Force

Mike Force is available for identity design, art direction, consultation and illustration.  He is the Director of The Poster Museum in Seattle and currently works for icanhascheezburger.com, The L Magazine and is a collaborator with Poykpac.

Featured in Vice, Complex Magazine and XLR8R Magazine.  Clients include:  Fox Network’s Animation Inkubation, Fuse TV, The L Magazine, Steven Alan, Book Magazine, BusinessWeek Magazine, The Portland Mercury, The New York Press, The Stranger, Metro PCS, Atlas Media Corp, Dither Down Records & Tapes (Devin the Dude), Insound, Redbud Records, Screengems Studios, Chiefmag.com, Mina Stone, Falls Media, Sevenfooter Press, Eyeball Records, The Brooklyn Rail, The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, Rats with Wings.

Mike is the co-creator of Hawk Town, an animated show that we’ve been pitching to various outlets.  Ed Zipco and Taige Jensen are our co-creators.

mikeforceillustration at gmail.com


One response to “Mike Force

  1. picturetracks

    I like this blog. I think it’s funny.

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