Street Art War Brewing Between TrustoCorp and Banksy Fanboy Mr. Brainwash

TrustoCorp v. Mr. Brainwash

From our buddy Benjamin Sutton at the L magazine

TrustoCorp, the rogue group of sarcastic street sign substituters, is off the sign posts and onto their next target: Mr. Brainwash. The narrator-cum-subject of the Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop has some stencil pieces up all over town (mostly faux Warholian stencils), and last week TrustoCorp posted photos of their Brainwash take downs (pictured). In each case, they’re painted a skull logo with the words “Locals Only. No Fakes. No Phonies.” over the heads of his figures, effectively brainwashing Mr. Brainwash. TrustoCorp FTW!


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